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IMAG0027A bathroom makeover is the way to go if you are ready to change your master, main, guest or powder room, but do not wish to have a total renovation or remodel. You may be satisfied with the arrangement of space and just want to replace or upgrade some features. It may be seldom-used and does not warrant a lot of expense and work. But you would like it to be comfortable for guests to use. We have the experts to guide you.

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Once you have decided on a bathroom makeover our highly trained and experienced design consultants will help you choose from the exceptional options that are available through our service. Our design team will work with you, taking into consideration your style, taste and budget. They will custom tailor a look and function that is a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

For your bathroom makeover we will provide the same exceptional level of service and attention to detail as we do with any renovation project. Your satisfaction is our goal and we will not consider the job finished until we are sure we have provided the best possible work and that you are 100 percent satisfied with the results.

Our bathroom makeover design staff will help you select from the multitude of choices from products, materials and solutions that we offer. Here are some ideas to get your dreams flowing:

  • Installing a one piece tub and shower enclosure right over your existing one for a clean, modern, low maintenance unit. Or re-glazing your existing tub and sink for a new color or new look.
  • Adding a double sink and counter in place of your old single one; or removing the counter and replacing it with a pedestal.
  • Installing a new, low flush capacity, efficient toilet in place of that water wasting unit you now have.
  • Your bathroom makeover may include new lighting for better grooming and reading; consider having us install occupancy sensors to save electricity.
  • Adding a new vent fan and heater.
  • Replacing the old worn flooring with the latest in material, color and pattern.
  • Replacing the old tile with new tile or even marble; add low maintenance wall surfaces.
  • And of course new paint or wall covering.

Our team of bathroom professionals consists of highly skilled designers, craftsman, tradesman and experience laborers who have been subject to the highest scrutiny prior to being selected for our team. We are a member of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a professional industry certification organization which guarantees our strict adherence to energy conservation standards and demands that we make strong, conscientious effort to reuse, recycle and re-purpose all materials whenever possible. We are also a member of the American Institute of Architects, which provides you with professional architects on hand to assist with the design of your project.

All the members of our bathroom makeover team are highly qualified individuals including craftsmen, tradesman, designers and laborers that have been hired for their proven skills in the areas in which they perform. We, as a company, have over 15 years in the home remodeling industry and take pride in our record of customer satisfaction. We will consider no project complete until we have your 100 percent satisfaction.

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It was my good fortune that a mutual friend recommended Malte for my complete townhouse remodel. The job grew larger as we kept discovering ‘issues’ with this 68 yr old TH. Malte was able to overcome every issue with grace and expertise. He kept the project moving and had the right subs to get ‘er done. Malte was very easy to work with and really knows his trade. During the renovation, I said to my wife, ‘the proof of the selections we are making and the quality of the contractors’ work will be in how fast it sells’. My house sold for full price (highest in the neighborhood) in 12 hours after going on the market. At the open house the price was bid up. After closing the buyers hired Malte to do even more work. I highly recommend Malte for your construction needs.
I hired Malte Build LLC to repair/rebuild the back deck/pergola on my house. I can honestly say that when finished, it looked better than it had when newly built 10 years earlier. In this job, Malte showed the three qualities that every homeowner wants when hiring a contractor: 1. He did superior work; 2. He did it at a fair price; and; 3. He did it when he said he would, on time and on budget.
Malte renovated my Coop apartment and provided excellent service and follow through when some things had problems (unrelated to his work). i’ve been very pleased with his work, his attention to detail and good personality. I’ve recommended him to a few of my friends and would to anyone else.
Malte Build remodeled our 90 year old farm house. Complete renovation including central air, heat, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, and altered the roofline to increase usable space. They performed the work both on time and budget, and were very professional. His suggestions were always value added, and I would highly recomend them to family and friends.