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2013-11-27 11.03.55Home additions can completely transform the house you’re living in and provide your family with the space they need. With the guidance of and expert work done by Malte Build, you can have an addition that seamlessly blends with your existing property.

Why Add On?
When your house just isn’t big enough for your family or is missing something you need, many homeowners see moving as the only option. But moving comes with a lot of expenses. It also takes your family out of the neighborhood they’re accustomed to and leaves behind the memories that were made. Depending on the current market, you may not even be able to sell your house for what it is worth.

With home additions, you can save yourself the hassle and the expense of moving. Every penny that you put into an addition is an investment in your property. When you add an extra bedroom or bathroom, expand your kitchen or master suite or even build a second story, your home will be worth more upon resale. You will also get to stay in the home your family knows and loves.

Highly Valued Home Additions

Bedrooms and bathrooms – Adding a bedroom or a bathroom will increase your home’s value. Houses with three bedrooms and two bathrooms get thousands of dollars more on the market than a home with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Many families choose to add on a new bedroom when a new baby is on the way. If you are just starting your family and predict several children to come, you may want to consider adding on multiple rooms at once or a second story. Going through the process of new construction all at once will be much easier than spreading it out over time.

Adding a full bathroom or even just a half bathroom can ease the tension of a household quickly. With over a decade of experience, we can help you find the perfect location for your home addition. If we are able to place a bathroom on next to the laundry room or kitchen, which are already equipped with plumbing, it will be even more affordable.

Kitchen expansions – Kitchens have become the command center of a residence. Families no longer just gather there for meals; they also to do homework, pay bills, play games and plan for the day at the table. Having a small or outdated kitchen can slow down daily routines and be unappealing to potential homebuyers.

By expanding the kitchen space and perhaps the rooms around it, we can totally redesign the layout of the kitchen to make it more effective. We can create an open concept living area that combines the dining room, living room and kitchen. This will leave space to add an island with counter seating to accommodate more casual moments.
Our Process
There is no job or detail too small or insignificant in our opinion. In fact, the smallest details can make the biggest difference in your home additions. From the very beginning, we will carefully work with you to discover what your style is and what results you hope to achieve. We can then begin the design and planning process.

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Every step of the way, we will be communicating with you to ensure your satisfaction. Problems can arise on any home additions project, but remaining in contact with our clients enables us to find quick solutions with minimal stress. When the work is complete, we take great care to clean up your property and leave it in the condition it was before we arrived, or better. Whenever possible, we recycle building materials so that our landfills are not clogged for years to come.

Looking Toward the Future
Having 15 years of experience in the home remodeling industry, we have continuously developed and expanded our knowledge of innovative and green building practices. We are certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.) Accredited Professional Organization and the American Institute of Architects. We care about the community, and we want to help make it a beautiful and energy-efficient place. Contact us now to begin your home additions consultation!

We build home additions in Alexandria, Arlington and all of the surrounding areas.


Malte Build remodeled our 90 year old farm house. Complete renovation including central air, heat, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, and altered the roofline to increase usable space. They performed the work both on time and budget, and were very professional. His suggestions were always value added, and I would highly recomend them to family and friends.
It was my good fortune that a mutual friend recommended Malte for my complete townhouse remodel. The job grew larger as we kept discovering ‘issues’ with this 68 yr old TH. Malte was able to overcome every issue with grace and expertise. He kept the project moving and had the right subs to get ‘er done. Malte was very easy to work with and really knows his trade. During the renovation, I said to my wife, ‘the proof of the selections we are making and the quality of the contractors’ work will be in how fast it sells’. My house sold for full price (highest in the neighborhood) in 12 hours after going on the market. At the open house the price was bid up. After closing the buyers hired Malte to do even more work. I highly recommend Malte for your construction needs.
I hired Malte Build LLC to repair/rebuild the back deck/pergola on my house. I can honestly say that when finished, it looked better than it had when newly built 10 years earlier. In this job, Malte showed the three qualities that every homeowner wants when hiring a contractor: 1. He did superior work; 2. He did it at a fair price; and; 3. He did it when he said he would, on time and on budget.
Malte renovated my Coop apartment and provided excellent service and follow through when some things had problems (unrelated to his work). i’ve been very pleased with his work, his attention to detail and good personality. I’ve recommended him to a few of my friends and would to anyone else.