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Alexandria Room Additions CompanyAn exciting way to change the way you live without moving is through room additions. Create the home you want inside the home you have by reimagining the layout of your home and building new rooms. At Malte Build, we have 15 years of experience in home additions and new construction. We can handle every aspect of your building project with care and respect for your property and family.

Room Additions for Growing Families

Throughout the years, families grow and change. And with that, so do their needs. If your living quarters don’t suit you the way they used to, room additions can make all the difference. We will discuss with you what your current living situation is like and why it is not working. You may have ideas in mind for what rooms to add and where. We will carefully consider your ideas and develop them or make suggestions on how to improve them.

Along comes baby - A young couple starting out may buy a home big enough to accommodate them at the time. But down the road when a baby comes along, they will need more space. By adding another bedroom and perhaps a bathroom, there will be more space for the new family. It will also add to the resale value of the home.

And your parents make five -You cannot always plan for how big your family will become. Sometimes a family member like an elderly parent will need assistance with their care. We can create room additions that will provide private space for them to live while still making it easy for you to maintain supervision over them. They will have the dignity they deserve while being lovingly cared for in your home.

Some Work, Some Play
Besides bedrooms and bathrooms, there are many other types of spaces that can be added to your home. Whether for work purposes , hobbies or family entertainment, we have built a large variety of room additions unique to our client. Communication is a key part of our process because we need to get to know and understand what our clients want. When you work with us, you will be able to reach us and talk to us about any questions, comments or concerns you might have. This will help make your room additions perfect.

Home office – Telecommuting has allowed more people to work from the comfort of their own homes. But setting up shop in the kitchen or the dining room table allows for too many distractions. Creating your own office space with sound proofing will keep the noise out and the productivity in. And this is one room addition with serious financial benefits. Not only are you increasing the square footage, but under the right circumstances, the IRS allows tax credits on home offices.

Home gym or theater – Depending on what your family likes to do in their spare time, room additions can accommodate a wide variety of hobbies. Home gyms have become increasingly popular. Rather than pay the monthly fees to join a fitness club and scheduling time to get there, we can build a gym personalized to your workout routine on your home. Or if your family loves the movies, we can create a theater with stadium seating and a wet bar for drinks and snacks. Other families may want a music studio, a game room, or a craft room. Whatever your hobbies may be, we can build the perfect space for it.

Room Additions Contractor Home schooling – Many families are choosing the homeschooling option and need a space where learning is encouraged. Our room additions can help create the perfect learning environment with chalkboard paint on the walls, storage for supplies, appropriate lighting and technology accessories.

We are a leader in our community in creating environmentally-conscious room additions. We are L.E.E.D. Certified and understand and utilize building techniques that will make your home more energy efficient. We recycle materials whenever possible and use sustainable materials when it fits into your style and budget.

To begin your consultation, call us today about room additions in Alexandria, Arlington and all of the surrounding communities.


Malte Build remodeled our 90 year old farm house. Complete renovation including central air, heat, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, and altered the roofline to increase usable space. They performed the work both on time and budget, and were very professional. His suggestions were always value added, and I would highly recomend them to family and friends.
It was my good fortune that a mutual friend recommended Malte for my complete townhouse remodel. The job grew larger as we kept discovering ‘issues’ with this 68 yr old TH. Malte was able to overcome every issue with grace and expertise. He kept the project moving and had the right subs to get ‘er done. Malte was very easy to work with and really knows his trade. During the renovation, I said to my wife, ‘the proof of the selections we are making and the quality of the contractors’ work will be in how fast it sells’. My house sold for full price (highest in the neighborhood) in 12 hours after going on the market. At the open house the price was bid up. After closing the buyers hired Malte to do even more work. I highly recommend Malte for your construction needs.
Malte renovated my Coop apartment and provided excellent service and follow through when some things had problems (unrelated to his work). i’ve been very pleased with his work, his attention to detail and good personality. I’ve recommended him to a few of my friends and would to anyone else.
I hired Malte Build LLC to repair/rebuild the back deck/pergola on my house. I can honestly say that when finished, it looked better than it had when newly built 10 years earlier. In this job, Malte showed the three qualities that every homeowner wants when hiring a contractor: 1. He did superior work; 2. He did it at a fair price; and; 3. He did it when he said he would, on time and on budget.