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IMAG0192New construction offers your family the unique opportunity to add space where you need it. Homeowners often opt to relocate to a new home only to find that they have more space, but the house still does not function as they would like. When you add on to your home, you can make the choices that are important like layout, size and style. You do not have to be at the mercy of the home market.

And when you choose new construction over a move, you are making a smart investment in your home. By adding square footage to your property, you are increasing the resale value. Because the housing market has been so unstable, you may not be able to sell your house for what it is worth. So home additions can give you the space you need now and serve as an investment toward your future.

Creating the Home You Want
Your family is unique and your home should reflect that. You can add rooms exactly where you need them and re-imagine the layout of the existing property. If the current layout doesn’t function well, change it. Many families add bedrooms and bathrooms as necessities, while others expand their kitchens or add a home office, gym or theater as a luxury. Whether your new construction project is a want or a need, our 15 years of experience can handle it with expert care.

Professional Certifications
Because we are certified by Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (L.E.E.D.) Accredited Professional Organization and the American Institute of Architects, we are constantly seeking innovative new construction ideas and methods. We want to contribute to the community by building more environmentally friendly homes. We will work you to find great materials at great prices and design home additions that will make a difference in your life. At the end of the day, you will have a seamless addition that seems like it was always part of your house.

Building Out
If you are willing to sacrifice some of your outdoor space, building out could be the option for your family. Whether you add just a couple of rooms or expand the whole side of your home, adding the square footage on the outside can allow for major changes on the inside. When you push out a wall with new construction, you have made space inside your home for all sorts of remodeling opportunities.

IMAG0030We can:

Expand your kitchen to create a larger area that is easily accessible from the deck for entertaining.

Add an in-law suite that will give your loved ones their own personal space when they come to visit. We can even add a private entrance so that the space could be used as an income property.

Create a sound-proof music studio for avid musicians.

Build a home gym, office or theater to cater to your family’s unique needs.

Second-Story New Construction Home Additions

When you add a second story during new construction, you add to your home a level of privacy not quite possible with one floor. Homeowners will often choose to add a mother-in-law suite to allow private space for visiting family members. Others will create a home office or a hobby room. What works best for your family is exactly what we will do.

Because the privacy is greater on the second story, you have the option to make the second floor entirely for bedrooms and bathrooms and use the first floor for entertaining and living space. The separation is beneficial for families made up of early risers and night owls. No more worrying someone will wake up the rest of the family.

Our new construction services are designed to make the home remodeling experience pleasant for our clients. We strive to communicate clearly about what is happening on their project from day to day. Through open communication, we can ensure that the progress being made is satisfactory. We want to be your partner in this life-changing experience.

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I hired Malte Build LLC to repair/rebuild the back deck/pergola on my house. I can honestly say that when finished, it looked better than it had when newly built 10 years earlier. In this job, Malte showed the three qualities that every homeowner wants when hiring a contractor: 1. He did superior work; 2. He did it at a fair price; and; 3. He did it when he said he would, on time and on budget.
It was my good fortune that a mutual friend recommended Malte for my complete townhouse remodel. The job grew larger as we kept discovering ‘issues’ with this 68 yr old TH. Malte was able to overcome every issue with grace and expertise. He kept the project moving and had the right subs to get ‘er done. Malte was very easy to work with and really knows his trade. During the renovation, I said to my wife, ‘the proof of the selections we are making and the quality of the contractors’ work will be in how fast it sells’. My house sold for full price (highest in the neighborhood) in 12 hours after going on the market. At the open house the price was bid up. After closing the buyers hired Malte to do even more work. I highly recommend Malte for your construction needs.
Malte Build remodeled our 90 year old farm house. Complete renovation including central air, heat, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, and altered the roofline to increase usable space. They performed the work both on time and budget, and were very professional. His suggestions were always value added, and I would highly recomend them to family and friends.
Malte renovated my Coop apartment and provided excellent service and follow through when some things had problems (unrelated to his work). i’ve been very pleased with his work, his attention to detail and good personality. I’ve recommended him to a few of my friends and would to anyone else.